Tuesday 27 January 2015

Plans For The Future Of Grand Parkway Segment D In Fort Bend County

Below are the verbatim draft terms and conditions for Segment D of the Grand Parkway, approved Tuesday by Fort Bend County Commissioners Court.

Segment D (U.S. 59 to FM 1093/Westpark Tollway)

General Note – This project includes taking over the operation, expansion and maintenance requirements of the existing facility between U.S. 59 to Interstae 10.

Segment D is five miles from FM 1093/Westpark Tollway to Interstate 10. This segment has no proposed improvements but will be considered part of the project for maintenance. The segment from south of Fry Road to north of Kingsland Boulevard currently exists as a free road and will continue to be a free facility.

Segment D is 12.4 miles from U.S. 59 to FM 1093/Westpark Tollway through Fort bend County. The existing facility, which has been open to the public since Aug. 31, 1994, consists of intermittent frontage roads, main lanes and frontage roads, or main lanes only. Main lane overpasses from U.S. 59 to FM 1093/Westpark Tollway will be constructed as toll facilities when travel demand warrants. The general main lane typical section consists of four 12-foot lanes with depressed median, tolled overpasses, six-foot inside and 10-foot outside shoulders, including:

1. Bridge at West Riverpark Drive with two ramps south of West Riverpark Drive that would function as ultimate entrance and exit ramps for future DCs
2. Main lane bridges over Ellis Creek and New Territory Boulevard
3. Main lanes from north of FM 1464 to south of Sandhill with bridge over Bullhead Slough and bridge over FM 1464/US 90A/Sandhill.
4. Two proposed northbound non-tolled main lanes with shoulders from north of FM 1464 to south of West Airport Boulevard with bridges at Oyster Creek and owens Road.
5. Bridges at Harlem Road and West Airport Road with connecting main lane for spread diamond interchange
6. Overpasses at Morton Road and Mason Road with connecting main lane for spread diamond interchange
7. Overpass at future Peek Road
8. Overpass at Bellaire Boulevard
9. Overpass at Westpark Tollway/FM 1093
10. Partial interchange at Westpark Tollway/MF 1093 (two direct connectors).

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